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Our Folding Pet Bowl starts out as a perfectly flat 11" square of reinforced vinyl, but pops up into a high-volume bowl for dog food or water by simply pinching the corners and securing them with hook-and-loop tabs. The slick, waterproof fabric wipes right off, and the whole package can dry out between meals by clipping the attached loop onto your pack or boat. It can be stowed flat to slip into just about any tiny space, or fold it into a 2"x4" bundle secured with its own loop to fit in your pocket.
Some hikers use the non-dog-licked side as a camper's mini-countertop to prepare their own food, or keep tiny stove parts from disapperaing into the pine needles during repair projects. Use a permanent marker to create a packable board for checkers or backgammon...the possibilities are limitless. But before you go too wild, just reassure your dog that he or she is still the primary user. 
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.