White Mountains Tested

audrey-de-skinning-crescent-ridge.jpgFor those of us who have been high in the Whites on a cold winter’s day, we know what it means to be personally tested by the White Mountains. The bitter winds have little regard for humanity or the fabrics we use to shield ourselves for the elements.

At Ragged Mountain Equipment, it is our goal to provide you with versatile, protective materials so you can confidently venture into the Whites no matter the climate and gear up or down as needed. Heading out for even what seems like a simple summer hike can turn treacherous on a dime and requires the utmost preparation, meaning lightweight fabrics you can store in your pack and rely on when you need them most. 

It means zip-front jackets that you can quickly shed when the sun peers through and the temps rise. 

It means attention to every layer you put on, whether it is the socks on your feet or the base layers you use – regardless of the season. 

It also means we can’t settle for the same materials that many other manufacturers use. We need to build our garments from materials that are sure to protect our adventurers, not just this season, but in seasons to come. 

Our design process starts with intimate knowledge of our area’s temperature variations, understanding of the fabrics needed to navigate all weather, and mastery of the requirements needed to complete rigorous climbs in tight spaces.

technology-windpro-2020x1110.jpgWe build our garments by using fabrics like Polartec WindPro® (right), which is a finely knit polyester with a tighter weave. It offers more wind resistance while being very breathable, keeping water vapor out and ensuring that adventurers don’t get clammy and cold when the temps drop again. 

Our extremely popular Powerstretch Tights and Bras are constructed by hand right here in Intervale using Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric, which features durable elastic fibers that create 4-way stretch to meet the demanding push and pull of activity. Power Stretch’s dual-surface fabric absorbs moisture from the skin while continuously wicking it to the outer layer for fast evaporation, and is easy to layer. 

Polartec® Power Stretch® also plays a vital role in our versatile Mountain Stretch Jacket, long a favorite among the climbing guides in the White Mountains (and perfect for wearing to the pubs after a long day traversing, too). 

Polartec’s Neoshell® is also vital for helping wearers maintain optimal temperature. ​​Neoshell® is durable, strong, and weather-protective, but still allows users to enjoy a full range of motion and breathable comfort. Whatever the weather, we choose the proper fabric for optimum comfort, no matter how far we must travel to find it. 

Some of our most popular outerwear features materials made by Swiss manufacturer Schoeller®. We have chosen to use these internationally renowned textiles to increase capacity and provide maximum protection. Schoeller® uses fabrics woven of synthetic fibers with an exterior layer designed to repel the elements, a middle layer to insulate and protect from the wind, and an interior layer that adjusts to the wearer’s temperature. 

schoeller-biodegradable-textiles.jpgSchoeller®’s fabrics play a role in some of our most dependable products, including the Apollo bib and jacket. These garments are handcrafted right here in our shop using technical Swiss fibers that offer 4-way stretch and are extremely breathable. That means they’re able to navigate tough climbs while offering the maximum in comfort for the wearer. 

When we partner with vendors and decide to carry their wares, we vet them carefully for the same reasons stated above. We need to know that their dedication to all-weather safety and comfort is at the forefront. 

This is why we carry Norwegian skis made by Åsnes. We found that our adventurers were seeking a best-in-class backcountry and alpine touring experience, and felt that Åsnes’ experience in the industry and keen eye for design would result in a distinct experience for our customers. We were right! 

The hiking boot brands we carry are designed to weather the Whites, too. Skiers will recognize the name Salomon as a standard-bearer in the ski boot industry, but we have also tested Oboz and Salewa extensively on the area’s toughest trails. They stood out to us as some of the best in the business, and that is why they have a spot on our shelves.facebook-asnes.jpeg 

Every product that is produced here in our factory in Intervale, N.H., is designed to withstand the White Mountains. We have tested everything here in the Whites, and whether you’re exploring your own backyard or ours, it is our goal to ensure your comfort and confidence no matter what the elements throw at you.

We invite you to visit our shop and factory, located at 279 NH-16 #302, Intervale, NH