Tick Gaiters

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We created Ragged Mountain Tick Gaiters so none of us needs to spend every spring trapped indoors anymore. These lightweight, snug-fitting gaiters form a perfect barrier against stealthy ticks and other small beasties that love those gaps between your socks and your pants. The taslan fabric is comfortable and stretchy, and we chose the white color so you can spot ticks more easily.
While some ticks carry Lyme disease, all of them leave bites that itch much longer than other insect bites, so don't let them sneak their way in! Perfect for landscapers, surveyors, dog-walkers, hikers, loggers, gardeners, or anyone who spends time outdoors in the springtime, these gaiters are easy to pop on, and they do a great job. Hook-and-loop strips close at the front, and Gripper elastic top and bottom bands keep the gaiters snug around your ankles and insteps. A lace hook and an under-shoe cord keep the gaiters from riding up and allowing unwanted visitors. Two sizes: S/M are 9" tall and the circumference flares from 11" at the top to 16"at the bottom, and L/XL are 10" tall and flare from 13" to 17" around.
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.
Average weight 3.49 oz (sans ticks)