Presi' Range Traverse Bottle

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Here it is, Peakbaggers! It's the complete list of New Hampshire's Presidential Traverse, printed on a colorful 32 oz. (1 liter) Nalgene Water Bottle! The peaks are listed in order From North to South with a handy profile map of the range. You'll trade stories of glorious summits and miserable ordeals with every hiker who sees you taking a swig from one of these beauties.
Nalgene bottles are considered essential equipment by all sorts of outdoorspeople, and the new BPA Free Sustain versions improve upon the original Lexan ones: they are less brittle, virtually indestructible, and BPA-free. Ice cubes can be added easily via the wide mouth, and it handles both hot and cold liquids with equal aplomb. Or, fill one with gorp and you'll be everyone's favorite person at the hut.
Whether you choose one as a reward for yourself upon completingA Presi' Traverse, or as inspiration to continue seeking the summits, this bottle will serve you well for years - trip after trip after trip. 

Made in USA.