Asnes Ingstad BC Waxless

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The Ingstad is a modern back country ski with a generous sidecut built for speed and responsive turns.

An ideal ski for demanding descents, the Ingstad is equally at home on extended traverses across flat terrain. Its versatility comes from its moderate grip pocket and a pronounced Nordic Rocker and tapered tip, making it stable, easy to turn and offering control in deep snow and demanding terrain.

The ski’s triple core of paulownia and poplar allows a low weight: fractionally over 2kg for a pair of 200cm skis.

Ingstad skis are equipped with Skinlock, ready for an X-Skin to be attached in an instant for climbing. For this ski, we recommend a 58mm X-Skin in nylon for wet and steep terrain or a narrower mohair skin (45mm) for cold temperatures and flat terrain.

Helge Ingstad, one time Governor of Greenland and Svalbard, was known as a trapper, polar hero, and scientist. He published several best-sellers about hunting in Canada, Greenland and Svalbard. Through this work he contributed to the creation to the heroic representations of the hunter’s adventurous life. Ingstad was also a researcher with a particular interest in the history and ethnography of the Arctic who contributed to our knowledge of the cultures of polar societies and the Norse settlements of North America.

Dimensions: 86-62-74.  Appropriate boots for this ski include NNNBC or 75MM.   A 195cm weighs in at 1025g./2lbs.