Repair Service

Repairs of ApparelRagged Mountain Equipment’s repair service has provided expert, reliable fabric mending to Appalachian Trail hikers, backcountry adventurers, climbers up and skiers down the White Mountains, and the local Mount Washington Valley community since 1980.

Over these 40+ years, our mountain-sized warehouse and repair center has collected hundreds of fabrics and textiles as well as countless buckles, zippers, and fasteners, like any proper New England workshop should.


Our customers’ active lifestyles subject clothing and equipment to challenging environments and zippers can be a failure point. We repair or replace broken zippers on:

  • coats, jackets, vests, & pants
  • backpacks
  • backpacking tents
  • gaiters

Sometimes the fix is as simple as replacing your slider - we have many sizes in stock.

Ragged Mountain Equipment exclusively uses top-quality YKK zippers in all of our manufacturing, famous for reliability.


Crampon holes in your gaiters. Ski edge sliced open your pants. An unfortunate swing of the trekking pole poked through your tent. . Or even a canvas chair cover accidentally tore. We understand. We will make it better.

  • abrasion-resistant patches
  • garment mending
  • tent repair
  • custom sewing


If one of your buckles have broken or another fastener has failed, we may have stockpiled a replacement part - even hard-to-find ones - or can provide a completely new fastening solution.

  • backpack buckles
  • clothing buckles


Ragged Mountain Equipment occasionally undertakes custom patching work for car tops, boat canopies, event tents, and other items. Please call us at (603) 356-3042 or email first for capabilities and estimates on custom repair work.