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The 4000-Footer Pint Glass is a must for New England peak-baggers. Celebrate climbing all (or any) of New Hampshire's 4000-foot peaks with this useful and commemorative vessel. All forty-eight of the sought-after summits are listed in order of height. Get one for yourself, or grab a few for your hiker friends. We can't think of a better wedding gift than a set of 4000-Footer glasses for those hiking newlyweds, and they'll remember your thoughtfulness for decades.
The classic shape is the same as glasses preferred by famous British mountaineer Don Whillans. He applied them in his fruitless quest to overcome what he described as "a morbid fear of dehydration."
While specifically designed for beer, our 4000-Footer Pint Glasses reputedly will also handle pencils, peanuts, or those strange little pastel-colored after-dinner mints.
Made in USA. One size fits all; beer sold separately.