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This is a warm, comfortable piece that excels at being versatile. The Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric is known for its four-way stretch and breathability, so it'll keep you comfortable as you skin up the fire road, or hump a load across the talus field. Any moisture gets wicked away readily, but the Apollo Shirt is machine washable in case you really overdo it.
The "quarter-length" zip is way more than quarter length, so this layer will vent especially well. Plus, that long zipper means you can don or doff the Apollo without having to take off your helmet. Think about it: that's a real bonus when you're on a cliff or on a chairlift, and there's no place to set your helmet down without the fear of dropping it.
The Apollo has a nice smooth finish and flat-lock seams, so you won't end up with those semi-permanent dents in your skin after carrying a pack, or hanging in a harness. In addition, we cut the tail a few inches longer than the front, and that helps keep it in place under your pack's hipbelt or under your climbing harness - instead of riding up too high and giving you that spare-tire look. Similarly, you can avoid having your sleeves all bunched up at your elbow when you add a layer on top; just use the thumb holes to keep those sleeves where they belong.
We built the Apollo Shirt for serious technical backcountry performance, but we can stretch that to include maybe a little pond hockey, or even a late-season barbecue. And, you won't need to pull a quick change in the parking lot when you head right from the cliff or trailhead to dinner at the in-laws' -- just brush off the chalk dust and pine needles and stride right up to the porch, still looking good.
Maschine washable. Weight 9.7oz
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.