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Our Tough Toter will outlast by years those polite totes you've been using that always fray and stain. We chose vinyl-coated industrial fabric so you won't need to care about what goes inside, nor where you toss it afterward. These totes are so burly that they'll cheerfully accept that frozen turkey you just bought, or your plumbing supplies, or a pile of muddy cleats and shin pads. In other words, they'll protect your home carpeting or auto upholstery from whatever gross mess you put inside them, or conversely they'll serve as a protective barrier to keep your extra clothes clean when you need to toss that date-night outfit in the back of your rusty pick-up. And when your Tough Tote 21 gets cruddy either inside or out, just wipe it off or hose it out and it's ready to take more abuse. 
The twin loop handles are soft on your hands, but their 1" tubular webbing is rated to 4000 lbs. There's an exterior pouch pocket for smaller items like notepads or manuals, and an 8.5" x 7" interior zip pocket for items that you want to find fast. 

Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.

Small: 7" Wide x 12" Length x 12" High (1008

Medium: 9" Wide x 13" Length x 14" High (1638

Large: 9" Wide x 16" Length x 15" High (2160