Mud Gaiters - Coated

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3.00 Ounces

Whether you're a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail who is out for months at a time, or a casual dog-walker out for a quick jaunt, our Mud Gaiters are a perfect fit. At 8" in height, you'll hardly notice them in place, but they'll be hard at work keeping all manner of crud out of your boots. They also keep your socks cleaner and drier, and they help protect those vulnerable boot-tops from the abuse of rugged terrain.
The beefy YKK rear zippers split the bands of snug elastic at the top and bottom. That elastic ensures a good fit regardless of boot size, and the underboot cords and lace-hooks keep the Mud Gaiters where they belong. The coated version features a burly 400-denier nylon pack-cloth material, helping to shed water, mud, slush, or whatever you encounter in your travels. It's also windproof, and it'll stand up to serious abrasion--helping to protect your cuffs and your boots from early retirement. 3 oz.
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.