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For those who travel with a four-footed pal and want to keep the people food separate from the canine food, we created the Dog Bowl with Lid. It's essentially a version of our popular Dog H2O Bowl, but with a top cover that cinches closed with a drawstring and cordlock. This allows you to shovel a serving or two into the bowl before you head out, where it will travel along all self-contained.
Then when you arrive at camp, simply open the drawstring and add water if desired, and Fido is all set to go. The seamless liner is waterproof, and the outer shell is stiff enough to stand up at dinner time. The bowl squishes flat for packing, and if it's a little messy after the meal, you can seal up the whole thing and not have to deal with it until you get home to rinse things out. There's also a tab you can use to clip the dog bowl onto the outside of your pack, or to hang it on a nail in the lean-to so that it stays out of reach. 
Made in USA by Ragged Mountain.