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Ski Trab uses a unique Attivo fixing system to attach skins quickly and securely to its skis. Designed to be pulled with one hand from either the tip or tail, the skin fix consists of a metal clasp with a pull tab (tip) and a plastic knob (tail) that fit perfectly in custom notches on Ski Trab skis. The skins come in two flavors, mohair and mohair mix.

The mohair mix skins are an orange 65/35 blend of mohair and nylon that match up well with Trab's wood core skis: Sintesi, Libero, Altavia, Altavia Carbon, Altavia Light, Stelvio, Gavia, and Maximo.

The 100% mohair flavor of skin is Ski Trab branded and made for optimum glide, and pair well with the ultralight aramid core skis: Maestro, Maestro.2, Magico, Magico.2, and Mistico. Best of all, they are cut specifically for each model and length of Trab ski so you don't have to worry about finding the right size skin and trimming it to reveal just the right amount of edge. See the chart below to determine which skin will fit your ski.

Example: The 171cm Mistico skin will be 100% mohair, and will also fit the Maximo ski of the same length. A 178cm Sintesi skin will be the mohair-mix material, and will also fit a 178cm Maestro.

Generation 1 Skin tip and tails